The human genome has been harnessed and medicine is hurtling forward. With rules of engagement changing daily, our industry must do more than make sense of discovery or even celebrate it—we must ourselves become changemakers. What do today’s healthcare climate and cultural trends teach us about helping treaters and their patients thrive tomorrow? What is needed to disrupt habits and shift perceptions so that we can achieve the best outcomes? This is the kind of knowledge that translates into unique, actionable value for our clients and creates compelling experiences for their customers. This is what changemakers do. This is Cadent.

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Case Studies

Integrated launch expands oncology blockbuster's indications in an entrenched market

Client's Challenge: Oncologists were not sold on the new indication of an older product and had combination concerns. Oncologists familiar with using this drug for many tumor sites and types were unacquainted with its efficacy and safety data in the new indication. Treaters also had reservations about combination use, unaware of data showing that reduced dosage helped manage adverse events.

Cadent's Solution: 360-degree, new indication launch built advocacy to satisfy combination use concerns. We created and deployed a Med Education program including a content deck, and video development, bureau of speakers, live and virtual programs, case-based round tables, product theaters, satellite symposia, on-demand video—followed by KOL identification, profiling, and mapping via a proprietary profiling database. Combination promotional speaker decks addressed sequencing and combinations with several other drugs.

Outcome: Successful penetration. On time and on budget in an entrenched and highly competitive market while leveraging the "halo effect" of the brand's other indications

Multichannel initiative brings global ideas in hepatology to far-flung emerging markets

Client's Challenge: Clinical practice varied globally. A product used for a wide range of liver diseases faced barriers to understanding and use: 1) a lack of understanding of its benefits, 2) competition from low-cost generics and alternative therapies, and 3) significant variation in clinical practice across countries. Widespread education was needed, but emerging markets were hampered by geography and resources.

Cadent's Solution: Global hepatology educational hub linked developed and emerging markets. We assembled a broad faculty of 16 recognized experts from 9 developed and emerging markets to build Hepatology 360—a global program to foster excellence in clincial practice and promote collaboration and sharing of best practices. A central online hub supported both developed and emerging markets with a range of tactics, including stand-alone events, local academies, awards and mentorship programs, and investigator initiatives.

Outcome: Global alignment, high engagement with practice improvements in all markets. Hepatology 360 attracted over 2,200 visitors from 85 countries, with visits averaging over 5 minutes and almost 5 pages viewed each visit. Long-term and ongoing faculty engagement and ownership were maintained for over 5 years, tangibly benefitting real-world patient care.

Dynamic, multimedia experience boosts engagement with data and grows market share

Client's Challenge: Making data HCP-friendly. Burdened by bureaucratic and administrative demands, HCPs complain of limited time to keep up with study data and struggle to digest academically focused technical language and rigid formats in publications.

Cadent's Solution: Dynamic publication overlays, interactivity, and expert KOL voices made emerging data meaningful to HCPs. We prepared a digital layer that would virtually sit atop each research paper, providing fast navigation of content via a 2-minute summary and voiceover by the KOL author. Content was made available in flexible formats—hosted online; delivered face-to-face via field teams; presented at congresses or used as collateral for local KOL-led meetings.

Outcome: End-to-end activation enhanced user experience and facilitated HCPs' access to data and outcomes interpretation. Product uptake and utilization soared as clinicians better understood risks and benefits associated with product.

When you make the science compelling, engagement naturally follows

Client's Challenge: Making inhalation matter. Treaters of COPD and related bronchial disorders thought they knew everything about respiratory inspiration, yet held common misunderstandings about drug delivery aerosols that risked undetected under-treatment in key populations. We needed to showcase superior delivery characteristics and make it an engaging and vital topic.

Cadent's Solution: Compelling scientific content was made accessible and experiential. Cadent uncovered evidence that a patient's baseline ability to inhale can impact outcomes in respiratory disease—and that technology exclusive to the Client's product could preempt the issue. Our comprehensive Scientific Platform rolled out key ideas in multiwave educational initiatives. Interactive games and exhibits helped 200 speakers self-navigate their mastery of the science. We created a Netflix-emulating central repository of content, visuals, videos, and related assets for speakers and product theaters; hands-on events; live events that used hands-on devices to simulate how patients experience different inhalers; and co-creation sessions that deeply engaged HCPs with relevant issues.

Outcome: “Aha!” moments led to revitalized brands and a competitive edge in a crowded market. Challenging out-of-date treatment practices and sharing overlooked scientific findings with clinicians made them newly aware of patient inhalation limitations. This prompted more informed choices among inhalers with the goal of better outcomes.

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