Decentralized learning is challenging the status quo, demanding more thoughtful ways for medical communications to effectively educate. Content must be immediately captivating and readily understood, and vehicles must reflect the ways information is consumed today. Paramount to success is reaching the right stakeholders at the time and place they're most receptive to your science, data and value story. For the healthcare community to embrace new directives in medicine, our clients rightfully need us to raise the bar, boldly designing the future even as we expertly deliver on promises today.

Our future-ready, full-service capabilities are guided by 3 overarching commitments:

Uncover the most compelling way to share your science
Deliver on every detail of every stakeholder's experience
Consistently challenge and innovate our approach with new insights

Every day we challenge ourselves to make great medical communications even better:

Opinion Leader Engagement
Cadent is deeply rooted in the thought leader community, continually exploring new ways to identify the most credible and influential advocates—engaging, articulate advisors, speakers, and authors in their areas of expertise. Our KOL influencer messaging is amplified by our proprietary approach to identifying COLs (Connected Opinion Leaders) highly respected digital influencers.
Digital Peer Exchange and Engagement
This timely offering integrates digital and KOL engagement focus areas to deliver personalized education and innovative experiences in both live and digital environments. Peer exchange is based on proprietary methodology modeled on best practices from physician behaviors and adult learning principles.
Advisory Boards
Cadent advisory boards not only deliver the feedback that clients ask for, they also deliver the insights that differentiate. Our proprietary approach to co-creation and deep bench of strategists and scientists ensure we deliver real-world insights that guide marketing and medical teams in crafting the most potent messages to drive action in the healthcare community.
Scientific Platform
This distinctive foundation is the underpinning for all educational initiatives. Our platforms are built to translate meaningful evidence-based claims, images, and support messages into a focused, insight-driven, and competitive scientific story that is delivered in modular, user-friendly, and interactive formats.
Designed as a comprehensive multi-year publication rollout, our publication planning ensures essential products and clinical data are seen at optimal milestones across a variety of media such as print and online peer-reviewed medical journals. This core strategic offering maximizes reach, awareness, impact, and acceptance of medical evidence to support commercialization.
Medical Meetings
Our global expertise in executing thousands of investigator meetings, thought leader engagements, advisory boards, and peer-to-peer programming is foremost in the industry. Our proprietary system SPARK is the backbone for high-volume delivery, efficient data access, and speaker program management in real-time around the clock.